What can Greyhat Systems do for you?

Managed IT

We are your Managed Service Provider Your one point of contact for changes and upgrades. We become your virtual IT department.

IT Project Management

Get it right the first time with Greyhat Systems.


Staff with 20 years experience in the IT industry at your call.

Cyber Security

The words nobody wants to know Malware Ransomware viruses worms trojans hacked phishing attacked. Relax! leave the headaches and solutions up to us.

Your Virtual IT Department

About Us

Greyhat Systems is a Managed Service Provider specialising in Cyber Security.

Greyhat Systems combines specialist and progressive knowledge and expertise with over 10 years of experience in supporting individual and larger scale corporate IT infrastructure management, maintenance, security and solutions.

With a technically skilled team and dedicated account manager at your disposal, Greyhat Systems can ensure consistent and efficient support to allow your business to thrive and remain secure.

With Cyber Security being a concern to many business environments, now is the time to turn to Greyhat Systems to defend your business.

Our Vision

Greyhat Systems vision is to provide comprehensive, innovative and cost effective IT systems and security infrastructure to defend your business.

Our History

We provide a comprehensive service capable of establishing a robust IT infrastructure from empty building to bustling hive of activity. You can often save significantly on IT expenses using our innovative solutions compared to hiring your own in house staff to manage your IT systems.

Our Values

Greyhat Systems was founded upon a high set of ethics that informs the way in which our team interact with your business, test, identify risk and provide solutions to protect your business from modern security threats. We ensure transparency and honesty in our processes as a part of our comprehensive approach.

Operational efficiency and company wide cost savings

Greyhat Systems will provide you with greater workforce flexibility by providing remote or on-site team support that can be scaled up or down more easily than if your business had an in-house fixed IT team.

You can access your team support across multiple locations without the cost of Additional IT Teams.

With your own virtual IT security solution you will automatically reduce your office costs by having to accommodate less full time bodies within your organisation. We are also able to acquire specialist assistance per project if and when required.

Each client’s needs are unique and we would be happy to discuss your requirements to develop a tailored solution.


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Greyhat Systems

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